Monday, November 18, 2013

Harley Essay reproduction

Many of you are familiar with J.B. Harley's 1987 essay from The Map Collector, "The Map as Biography." It discusses a 1904 1:10,560 ("six-inch") Ordnance Survey sheet of the town where he spent many years. The essay has been a touchstone to me, but I've never actually seen the map until now, except for the extract printed with the essay.

I've mentioned it several times on this blog and elsewhere:

I'm using Rockethub (similar to Kickstarter) to presell a short edition of the map and essay, printed on opposite sides of a 22 x 17 sheet. I have the blessing of Harley's estate (Paul Laxton, executor). 25% of anything I eventually make over out-of-pocket costs will go to the Harley Fellowships.

The maps will be printed on heavy paper (Mohawk 100lb text vellum, warm white), and the map image will be printed as black and white, NOT gray scale, so the details should be crisp and not fuzzy from the dot screen.

Folded maps are $10, with a $15 option to buy one for your self and one for your favorite map library. Rolled maps are $20.

Here's the site:

You only have until midnight, November 30, and as of today we're 28% of the way there!