Tuesday, April 7, 2009

David Brooks is on to something

The current op-ed column by David Brooks, "The End of Philosophy," makes interesting reading. I'm in the middle of reading The God Part of the Brain, and I find a circling-around-something going on in wider public discourse, a way to find spiritual experience neither pooh-pooh-able "mere superstition" nor an anthropomorphized center of the universe. I find seeing these threads working towards something loosely like a cloth kind of exciting.

And I know I'm way behind the times in following this. Forgive me.

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Brandon Tourtelotte said...

So I read the Brooks column (yes, great reading), now I just have to plow through the book you mention in order to see what you're getting at, Nat.
For the moment: every time I think I have David Brooks figured out (saw him speak at WPC's Town Hall Forum), he goes and does something like this.